Raising a Family in Denver, Colorado

living in Denver

What is also great for those looking to raise their families in a new city and state is Denver’s crime rate. According to reports, Denver has had a crime rate that is extremely low. In fact, the crime rate is the sixth lowest for property crime rate. In addition, families are happy to note that the amount of violent crime in the city is also low. Most people pride themselves on their homes and work hard to provide for their families. Denver provides those raising a family to feel more secure without having to worry about their homes being broken into. There also is not the constant threat of being attacked or kidnapped as may be the case in other cities around the United States. This is by far one of the safest places to live and raise a family.There is more great news for families who are interested in enrolling their children into the Denver, Colorado school system when they finally make the move. There are gorgeous neighborhoods with some of the best schools for children to learn. There are currently over 150 public schools available to choose from according to district. For families who want a more private education for their children, Denver has about 75 private and highly recommended schools. This makes the transition to a new city and school an absolute breeze.

When moving to a new city, it’s important for families to know the many different neighborhoods and sections. Some of the most well known and highly recommended neighborhoods for families to check out are Central East, Cherry Oak, and Washington Park. Similar to several neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado, these areas boast an extremely low crime rate.

Museums and Sports Galore

denver museums

What many people do not know is that Colorado is home to some truly amazing museums and sports centers. Families who love to learn new things and explore the city together should definitely check out theDenver Museum of Nature & Science. Dinosaur lovers would appreciate the huge displays of fossils and other artifacts that are located at the museum. What is also amazing is that this museum is home to some truly remarkable Egyptian mummies. This is the place to go for those who love their history.

Sports fans the world over have traveled or have made plans to visit Denver thanks to its sports history. Some of the sights include the beautifully lit arena at the well known Coors Field. This field was named after the hugely popular beer named Coors which is brewed and bottled right in Colorado. Another popular field is the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Families are able to purchase tickets for the game, order snacks and sit down to enjoy all of the talented sports players that Denver has to offer.